Temporary Jobs & Long Term Career Goals

Can a Temporary Job Help With Your Long Term Career Goals

The answer is yes. In today’s economy employers are faced with hundreds or even thousands of resumes for an open position. People who have been out of the workplace for an extended period of time are often faced with a gap on their resume that they find difficult to overcome during the job search process. A temporary position will help fill that gap and will provided added benefits as well.

Temporary work can be mutually beneficial to the job seeker and the employer. Employers find hiring temporary staff a way to fill a current need while they determine whether a temporary worker was a good fit for their company and they get to see your work before they hire you permanently.

For job seekers there are many advantages.

  • It allows you to fill a gap in your employment while you continue to look for full-time work. Employers will be impressed that you are using your time productively.
  • With temporary employment you will also boost your skills and get some insight into how other companies operate and allows you to try different roles to see what is a good fit for you.
  • Being out in the workforce will increase your professional network. Networking is key to any job search and allows you to connect with people in the industry, gain professional references, and get a feel for how you might fit in with your future co-workers.
  • There is a potential for permanent placement if a full-time position opens up.
  • You will be earning a steady paycheck while having the flexibility to continue looking for a full-time position.